Is Having a Portable Generator Worth It?

The short answer is – yes! Although you may also need a bigger generator for other applications, a portable generator can be a godsend in many situations, including emergencies and running outdoor activities.

The following are just a few ways a small portable generator can be valuable in the home (and office).

1. Keeps appliances running

The first and most important use of portable generators is to keep home appliances running even during power outages. Occasionally, you’ll experience a blackout. The frequency depends on where you live. When this happens, you can turn to your portable generator to keep things running.

For instance, you may still want the refrigerator ON even during a blackout. Or you may want to charge your phone or use the laptop. A portable generator allows you to do all these without any further issues.

2. Easy to operate

Operating portable generators is usually easy. One does not require technical know-how. All you need to do is follow simple instructions, such as refilling the tank and oil, connecting the equipment to your appliances, and turning it on.

The starting mechanism typically depends on the type of portable generator you have. Some are manually operated by pulling the recoil, while others merely require pressing a button. Most portable generators belong in the latter category, where you just press a button, and the generator roars to life.

3. Mobility benefits

Portable generators are easy to move from one place to another. They typically have wheels and handles that enhance their mobility. Moreover, the wheels are usually tubeless, hence move even on rough terrain.

Indeed, some are small enough to carry around in a bag. This allows users to bring their generators pretty much everywhere. You can even bring the portable home generator to the office for emergency purposes or power the lighting system on the business premises. Portable generators’ compactness and lightweight nature also mean you can bring the home generator on your camping trips and fishing expeditions.

4. Powering small tools

Consider construction tools such as electric drills, for instance. Contractors use these tools all the time. But what if the contractor is working in an area without electricity? What happens when the contractor is working in a remote location where there’s no electricity?

This would be another excellent instance where a portable generator would come in handy. Portable generators are small enough to fit on the contractor’s van. This allows the contractor to bring the generator to the site to run small electric-powered tools.

5. Facilitate outdoor events

Portable generators can be used for weddings, outdoor parties, concerts, festivals, etc. Whether it’s a backyard party or a big event, a portable generator will provide power for lights and musical systems.

This makes portable generators invaluable both at home and in the office. At home, you can bring out the generator to keep the party alive with music and creative lighting. Meanwhile, employers can use a similar generator to run outdoor events, such as career fairs and team-building efforts.

6. Recreational uses

There is nothing better than enjoying the best nature has to offer. This can mean a hiking expedition or a family camping trip. It could also mean an RV trip into the wilderness. Having a portable generator on hand can make these activities even more fun and enjoyable.

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Why? Because the generator allows you to keep your devices powered and the lights going throughout the trip. You can turn to the generator if the heater goes out to warm up the RV or your camping tent. If the electricity supply fails, the generator will provide the power to run your laptop, charge your phones, and light the RV or tent.

7. Inexpensive and efficient

However, the biggest advantage of portable generators is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase and run. The standard portable generator costs under $500 and can serve you for more than a decade with good maintenance. Some are even cheaper, costing under $300. Getting an emergency backup and standby power source – all in one – for under $300 is like winning the lottery.

Moreover, portable generators cost very little to run. Most portable generators come with a 1-2-gallon fuel tank that can run for 10 hours straight. Indeed, more efficient models can run up to 18 hours on a full 2-gallon tank. That works out to $0.25/hour.

Maintenance and Safe Use

We must stress the need for proper maintenance as it’s the key to long equipment life. If you hope to use your portable generator for a decade or longer, make sure it’s clean at all times and take time to change the oil as directed by the manufacturer. Also, schedule a professional check-up at least once every year.

Above all, use the generator safely. Generators use flammable fuels such as natural gas and propane. Additionally, they tend to become very hot during operation. So, don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Is Having a Portable Generator Worth It?

Carter Brooks

I'm Carter Brooks, an expert in portable generators with a background in Mechanical Engineering. My experience spans from working in the manufacturing industry, where I gained hands-on knowledge of various machinery, to a focused career in blogging about portable generators. I combine my technical expertise with real-world experience, garnered from numerous camping trips and outdoor adventures, to provide in-depth reviews and practical advice. My blog is dedicated to helping consumers understand and choose the best generators for their needs, emphasizing both efficiency and environmental impact.

3 thoughts on “Is Having a Portable Generator Worth It?

  1. Occasionally we celebrate a party in our house. I love to decorate my house with lighting features & I do it alone. Sometimes, I need extra electric power for a big event but I don’t have any generator. I have read your blog & I found mobility & efficiency in a generator. I hope it will help me a lot in my future event & I’ve decided to buy one soon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have a small business in my living area & I faced electricity outages in that area, though I need a small backup to run my business. I have learned the benefits of a generator after reading your blog & I was looking to purchase a portable generator that can backup my business during load shedding. Thanks for highlighting the Inexpensive and efficient point that encouraged me to decide.

  3. Generally, I faced load-shedding in stormy weather & unable to finish my work in time. I have read your entire blog and the easy operating system & mobility benefits are the top priority for me. In this regard, I am very interested in buying a generator to run my work smoothly & additionally I can also use this for home appliances. Thanks for sharing.

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