How to Rent a Generator for a Party

If you’re planning a party or outdoor event, you’ll need power. The great thing is that you’ll often get the necessary power from nearby premises or homes.

Indeed, you may not even have to worry about power if organizing the party at your home or workplace.

How to Rent a Generator for a Party

However, it’s a little different when hosting a party in the wilderness. Perhaps you’ve decided to have your birthday party on the beach so your guests can have maximum fun. Or maybe you plan to have it on a camping trip in the woods with bonfires.

You’ll probably need a standalone generator to see you through the event in the latter two situations. That’s when generator rentals come in handy.

Generator Rental Benefits

The main benefit of renting a generator is having exactly what you need without spending over the odds. Whether you want a compact 3,000-watt generator to power just the lights and charge your phones or a 10,000-watt unit to power an entire house in the woods, the choice is yours.

Another benefit of generator rentals is that you don’t have to hold back on convenience. For instance, generators can be noisy. But when renting, you can go as quiet as you wish. Also, you can choose the one with the most charging ports.

Above all, renting a generator for your party leaves you fully prepared even if the power goes out. As long as you have enough cans of fuel on standby, you’re sure to carry on with the party right to the end.

7 Tips for Renting a Generator

It makes little sense to pick just any rental company or rental generator. The following are basic guidelines to help you rent the best generator for your party or event.

1. Find the right rental company

Before anything else, you want to make sure that you’re working with a generator rental company that you can trust. So, how would you know that you’re dealing with a great rental company? For starters, the company must be highly professional. If the staff doesn’t understand the first thing about generators, that’s the wrong company. Also, make sure they have a wide range of options and offer great support.

2. Choose a reliable generator brand

Not all generators are the same. This is especially true when renting. If you pick the wrong brand, you may be stuck with a dead generator by the second hour. So, don’t pick the first unit you come across. Instead, go for tried-and-tested brands, such as Honda and Yamaha. They are less likely to disappoint you.

3. Choose the right size

You must never oversize or undersize a generator. Oversizing usually leads to wasted power and an increased risk of equipment damage. Meanwhile, an undersized generator would force you to disconnect a few appliances or devices during peak operation. It may even crash the motor. The right renter will help you assess your needs. You can also check our guide which will help you understand what are all the different power generator types and sizes.

4. Consider ease of handling

Handling refers to moving the unit from one location to the next. For instance, is it light enough to carry from the renter to the venue of the party? Or will you need a pickup? Also, if you can carry it, does it have handles? Or will you need to lift it from the base? Castor wheels for moving the unit around on the venue may also come in handy at some point.

5. Consider the controls

Different generators have different controls. While modern ones have advanced control panels where you can find all controls, including the ON/OFF switch, older models require that you pull a cord on the side of the unit to start it. Similarly, some generators only have a single speed level, thus two settings – ON and OFF – whereas others have multiple speed levels and even multiple motors. A few even support remote control or smartphone/app control.

6. Test before you carry

The final step before you sign the rental agreement is to test the equipment. Does it work as the renter says? For example, if the renting company says it provides 5,000 watts, can they prove it? Ask them to bring a multimeter to measure the output so you can verify the claim. Also, check that the output ports work as described and that it’s not too noisy.

7. Read the rental agreement carefully

Now you can sign the agreement. However, don’t rush. No matter how busy it gets, take your time to understand the agreement. You may trap yourself in a hole. Specifically, go over where you can and cannot use the generator and what you can and can’t do with it. For instance, some renters may prohibit use on the beach. Also, check the pricing. Any hidden costs are usually a red flag. Ideally, you should consider a second pair of eyes before signing off on the document.


Generator rentals are a quick and affordable way to acquire a standalone or backup power source for events. Now you know what to consider if you decide to get one the next time you have a party.

How to Rent a Generator for a Party

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